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Brutal Honesty For Those With Selective Hearing February 9, 2009

Posted by skedaddle in Uncategorized.

I kind of dislike when people’s entire lives revolve around romantic relationships.
It’s like they can’t be alone, so when they feel like they are, they get overly dramatic.

I want to tell certain people to stop being depressed every time they discover some new crush isn’t going to like them back.
There are more important things. Life goes on. Especially since you seem to like somebody new every week.

Then when you finally do date somebody, it’s either “the happiest time of your life” or “the best person you’ve ever been with”.
Then after you both break up, it’s always the same. It’s always the other person’s fault; how they “spat you back into the world” or whatever. You’re always the innocent one who “ends up getting hurt”. I actually believed you the first couple times… Then I started to see the trend. You’re like a cd that keeps skipping at a really annoying part.

I also hate when you exaggerate everything.
I don’t care if that makes me a hypocrite.

I don’t know why it annoys me so much. Probably because you broadcast yourself to the world. It upsets me that I trusted you at some point in time. You screwed me over by your advertising (so much for keeping secrets) and then didn’t seem to understand the big deal.
But I didn’t get all upset and come complain to all your friends now, did I?
That’s called maturity. You should look it up. It might do you some good.

Oh and by the way
I don’t care if you wrote a song for me.
I still think you lack musical talent.



1. only_imagined - February 10, 2009

we need to talk.

omgkelly - February 10, 2009

Give me a time and place and I’m thurr.

only_imagined - February 10, 2009

Thursday 3:30, Turtle Pond.

omgkelly - February 11, 2009

I have a class 😦
Friday after 5:30?

only_imagined - February 11, 2009

i think i have potential plans. what does your saturday look like?

omgkelly - February 11, 2009

I have a friend from SA coming to visit for the day. Sunday possibly?

only_imagined - February 11, 2009

sunday afternoon coffee?

omgkelly - February 11, 2009

where at?

only_imagined - February 12, 2009

einstein’s or medicci’s?

omgkelly - February 14, 2009

I dunno where Medicci’s is so I’m gonna go with Einstein’s. Time?

only_imagined - February 14, 2009


2. frendies - February 10, 2009

Brutal. Nice 🙂

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