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Happy Thanksgiving (two days late) November 29, 2008

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Three things that I do the most:
1) Waste time.
2) Play racquetball.
3) Think.

There’s so many things to think about.
I’ve been thinking about the army lately. Actually, more like the military in general. There’s so many different perspectives towards it. I mean, some people really revere and respect people in the military. And why shouldn’t you? They’re disciplined and willing to give their lives for the good of our country. But some people don’t look at them that way. It makes you wonder if they know something you don’t. Every time I see an advertisement or commercial about the army, it’s the same- it’s always showing people working together and working hard, making the army look like some glorious thing. It bothers me. War is not glorious. War is sleeping in the dirt, going to the bathroom in trenches, and seeing people die. There is nothing glorious about that.
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the military. I have actually considered joining a couple times. But then I think about why I would want to, and my reasons always seem fallible. It’s a great option for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the way their lives are going. It definitely gives someone a purpose. But what is that purpose?
There’s a board game I used to play with my family on the weekends. It’s called Risk. It’s a game of strategy- the purpose of the game is to beat all the other armies until your army takes over the world. It’s a fun game, but sometimes I wonder if that’s how it is in real life. It’s as if war is just a game of strategy and all the soldiers are just pieces you use to win. At first my dad always won, but then later I started to win all the time. I figured out the key to winning at war- you make sacrifices. You sacrifice the smaller, weaker army so that you can build up your other ones. That’s the only way to win. And it’s all fine and dandy when your sacrifices are made of plastic, but what if they were real people? Looking at the big picture would make you believe that you have to lose some to gain some, but imagine if the soldiers knew they were just part of the game. Imagine if you were the sacrifice. You probably wouldn’t be feeling so patriotic anymore.
I watched the news today. People get so numb to the horrors of reality when they constantly are exposed to it, but for someone whodoesn’t have a TV and is shielded from the outside world for months at a time, the news can be a shock. There were 190 American and British tourists and business people killed in India by terrorists this past week. The terrorists put a bomb in some hotels I think. In other places they went through the hotels with guns and asked to see peoples’ passports. If the person was American or British, they were shot.
My dad was in India this past summer, living out of hotels.

Of course, America found out and sent troops to India and shot all the terrorists. It’s all so pointless. Reacting to killing with more killing doesn’t change the fact that 190 innocent people are dead.

Where is the justice in that?



1. kfullmer89 - December 1, 2008

Wanting to be a pilot, I’ve also considered joining the military. You know, going to the air force first and flying fighters. It all seemed cool and such, but when I thought about it, I would be shooting people, and they would be shooting at me. I just want to fly, not go to war. I agree with everything you said.

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